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Revolutionizing Vaccine Performance

Modern solutions for contemporary vaccine challenges

Innovating Vaccine Performance

We are a boutique biotech dedicated to developing cutting-edge vaccines with a novel, patented adjuvant solution for  different routes of administration, including oral and mucosal. 


Our adjuvant strategy is readily coupled with customized, multivalent antigen displays resulting in durable immune responses.

Customized Adjuvant Solutions

Our adjuvants are carbohydrate-based, which allows for safe and effective vaccine delivery via a variety of administration routes.

Versatile  Technology

Our modular, self-adjuvanting, multivalent vaccines result in strong immune responses to a wide range of pathogens.

Data-Driven Research

Our vaccine development efforts are based on data-driven research, ensuring that our vaccines meet rigorous FDA standards for safety and efficacy.

Expert Team

Our team of experts in carbohydrate chemistry, protein engineering, biochemical analysis, and immunology brings together extensive experience  to drive our research and development efforts.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to developing safe, effective, and innovative oral and nasally-delivered vaccines that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers. Our data-driven research and cutting-edge adjuvants are the foundation of our vaccine development efforts.

We Take Pride in Our Work


Vaccines in Development


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Our Partners

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Join Us in Revolutionizing Vaccine Delivery

We are always looking for partners and investors who share our vision of safe, effective, and innovative vaccines.


 Contact us to learn more.

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