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Our Modern Vaccine Solutions 

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Our patented in vitro glycosylation platform can enhance proteins, enzymes, and immunogens by providing a universal glycosylation method that does not compromise bioactivity. 

We are developing new, safe carbohydrate-based adjuvants using our patented in vitro glycosylation platform.  Our adjuvant solutions can be covalently attached to any protein-based vaccine resulting a self-adjuvanting formulation capable of robust B cell and T cell responses.   

Our adjuvanting solutions readily interact with the mucosa for effective oral, nasal, and vaginal delivery of vaccines and providing an alternative to conventional injections. 

Our vaccine platform is constructed using multivalent technology for polyantigen presentation.  This  approach produces cross-reactive antibodies that are effective against a wide range of pathogen variants.

Using our patented techniques we are able to create novel vaccines against bacterial pathogens such as Lyme Disease and Chlamydia. 

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