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Effective Mucosal Delivery

Currently, no approved adjuvants exist for enhancing the oral, nasal or mucosal delivery of vaccines.  This is partly due to the presence of the mucosal layer preventing immunogen penetration.  HyA carries a strong negative charge due to its carboxyl groups, is highly hydrophilic and capable of forming a viscous network.  Interaction with endogenous proteoglycans allows HyA to form molecular composites creating a gel state that can occupy larger volumes and effectively transport immunogens through mucosal layers and improve interaction with the M cells resulting in greater immunogen presentation to the underlying immune network.  


In order to properly activate antigen presenting cells, such as dendritic cells and macrophages toward the priming of cytotoxic and helper T cells, vaccines usually incorporate an adjuvant which can stimulate antigen presenting cells via pattern-recognition receptors.  By virtue of Design-Zyme’s covalent attachment methodology, HyA stays attached to and does not diffuse away from the protein antigen, thereby conferring maximum potency, and the potential for significantly lower dosing to induce immunity.  This covalent attachment is particularly important for mucosally delivered immunogens and critically important for orally vaccine delivery.


When HyA is covalently attached to an immunogen it provides the following advantages:

  • Provides intact delivery of the immunogen to the relevant immune system cells

  • Protects attached immunogens from protease degradation

  • Allows for transport through the mucosal barrier

Our HyA-adjuvanting platform can be used with any protein vaccine.  Our technology may provide a solution for vaccines that are unable to reliably confer long-term immunity.  Furthermore, the ability of HyA to effectively promote mucosal delivery of protein-based vaccines provides a competitive advantage for delivery of traditional vaccine formulations via nasal, oral, and vaginal routes.  Consequently, all existing vaccine proteins can benefit from our patented HyA-adjuvanting platform. 

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